How it Works

How We Repair the Alloy Wheels on Your Car or Truck:

Our Certified Mobile Wheel Technician will always first assess damaged wheels to determine if the damage is cosmetic or structural.

first step in alloy wheel repairStep One:

Before repairing your alloy wheels, all wheels are removed from the vehicle. This ensures there is no overspray on your vehicle/brake rotors and we contain all the bad stuff in our filtration system.

removing tire beads from wheel rimsStep Two:

The tire beads are broken down from the rims so we obtain full access to your whole wheels for repair.

repairing damaged alloy wheels from your carStep Three:

Wheel & rim damage is repaired using various techniques. (Our craftsmen are sworn to secrecy regarding the specifics of our techniques. They are what make us an industry leader and very good at what we do.)

painting and coating your alloy wheels with primer to prevent corrosion and further damageStep Four:

After we repair the alloy wheels, they are coated with primer to prevent corrosion and then painted to factory OEM colour or to the requested colour of customer. Wheels are sprayed with 2 coats of clear top coat, using Nano technology.

sealing of protective coatings on your alloy wheelsStep Five:

To seal the clear coat, wheels are baked dry, with the use of the latest IR lamps.

final wheel inspection to ensure your alloy wheels are fully repairedStep Six:

Following a final inspection of the repaired alloy wheels, the wheels are refitted to the car and hand torqued to meet manufacturer specifications.


1 year guarantee on our alloy wheel repair serviceAll of our wheel repair and refurbishment work is completed to highest standard of quality.

We guarantee your full satisfaction and offer an unbeatable 1-year warranty on our work.

View before and after alloy wheel repairs for yourself.